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AESEGI has worked in southern and central California area for over 30 years.  During this time, we have provided engineering geology and geotechnical services for a  wide variety of projects,  However, our core area of expertise focuses on three types of development:

Single Lot Residences and Residential Tracts

Commercial and Industrial Parcels
Public Works and Municipality Facilities

Examples of recent residential, Commercial and public works/municipality projects are described on the Projects page of this website.

AESEGI provides services at each stage of development, including feasibility, due diligence, entitlement/tentative map, grading plan, building plan and construction. We also assist after initial development for additions, repairs, and geologic/geotechnical engineering services provided by this firm are provided on the Geo-Services page of this website. Examples of services provided during grading and construction are provided on the Construction Services page of this website

AESEGI maintains a certified laboratory to conduct appropriate testing to document the engineering characteristics of soil materials and to verify the suitability of engineered soils, soil cement and base during construction. A complete list of testing provided by AESEGI is provided on the Laboratory Testing page of this website.

In addition, AESEGI has acquired an extensive reference library of technical publications, geologic reports and maps specializing in local geologic conditions, analysis procedures, agency regulations, and various geotechnical remediation options. We have also accumulated a large collection of historic aerial photographs of the southern California area.  These references provide an important, in-house base of knowledge to provide rapid and accurate assessment of potential geologic constraints and remediation options in the southern and central California area.

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