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Laboratory Testing

We operate an in-house, full service, Certified Laboratory.  Our Laboratory facility is able to provide full support for all phases of our geologic and geotechnical investigations.  We offer the following Laboratory tests.

Soil classification and index properties tests
      Visual Classification ASTM D 2488
Moisture Content ASTM D 2216 or CA 226
Moisture Content and Density ASTM D 2937
 Atterberg Limits ASTM D 4318
Particle size Analysis of Soils ASTM D 422
Sieve Analysis of Fine and Coarse Aggregates ASTM C 136
Material Finer #200 Sieve ASTM D 1140, C117
Sand Equivalent ASTM D 2419, CA 217

Chemical/Corrosion Tests
Soil pH ASTM D 4972
Electrical Resistivity CA 532
Sulfate Content CA 417
Chloride Content CA 422

Compaction Tests
Standard Proctor Compaction ASTM D 698
Modified proctor Compaction ASTM D 1557
Moisture-Density Relations of Soil-Cement ASTM D 558

Shear Strength and R-Value Tests
Pocket Penetrometer
Torvane Shear
Direct Shear ASTM D 3080
R-Value ASTM D 2844 or CA 301

Consolidation and Swell Tests
Consolidation ASTM D 2435
Collapse Potential ASTM D 5333
Expansion Index ASTM D 4829

Concrete Testing
Compression Test (Cylinders) ASTM C 39
Compression Test (Cores) ASTM C 42
Modulus of Elasticity - Static ASTM C 469

Soil Cement Testing
Compression Test (Cylinders) ASTM D 1633
Wetting and Drying ASTM D 559
Freezing and Thawing ASTM D 560

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